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Prepper Complacency: What do I do now?

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One question that I commonly get is “I have everything I think I need.What do I do now?”  There are several things that veteran preppers can do once they become fully supplied.

1.  Review your gear.

Go through your stuff.  Check your gear.Needs change over time with new gear options and more knowledge.  Make sure that clothing and other seasonal gear have been swapped out, depending on the time of the year.  Check for anything that might have gotten damaged and needs replaced.  Check stock levels and adjust as necessary.  Check expiration dates on food and adjust your menu so that your food rotation remains on schedule.

2.  Practice your skills

Spend time at the shooting range so that you remain proficient with your firearms.  Practice field fabrication such as building a suitable water filter from whatever is lying around the house.  Forage around the backyard and build a shelter.  Practice your fire-building skills in the fireplace or cast iron stove.

Have a bug-in weekend.  Shut off the main electrical breaker to your house.  Make sure that you know how to do this safely first.  Keep a strong eye on safety through the exercise.  This is an easy way to find the weak spots in your prepping.

Practice your bug-out plan.  Measure how much time is takes to get to your bug-out location.  Spend the weekend camping with the family.

3.  Build community

Spend time strengthening the relationships with your family.  As you practice your skills, consider involving your children and spouse.  Do something nice for your neighbors.  Remember that relationships are a key piece of prepping that are commonly overlooked.

Renew or improve your spiritual life.  In a prolonged emergency situation, spiritual health often is the difference between life and death.

Get involved in the emergency preparedness of your broader community.  If the time is available, join a volunteer fire department.  Some communities participate in FEMA’s C.E.R.T. program.  Volunteer for service projects through a local church.  Serve the local food pantry.Get to know more people in the community.

Reach out.  Many people are just beginning to prep.  More will be coming on board in the next few months. They desperately need mentors to help them get ready faster.  Remember that each family that is prepared is one less that may need help when disaster strikes.

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